Genealogy research from the Reed, Whitworth, Cullen, and Eley lines which ended up in me being here!
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Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England



Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jane Eliz  1858Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I381
2 Ruth  Abt 1852Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England P933
3 Sarah  1814Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I391
4 Atkin, Benjamin  1805Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I390
5 Atkin, Bertha Elizabeth  1880Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I382
6 Atkin, Elsie Miriam  1899Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I389
7 Atkin, Ernest  1892Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I386
8 Atkin, Grace  1890Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I385
9 Atkin, Herbert Arthur  1888Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I384
10 Atkin, Hilda May  1897Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I388
11 Atkin, Samual  1856Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I175
12 Atkin, Samual  1882Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I383
13 Atkin, Thomas Harold  1894Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I387
14 Crofts, Sarah Ellen  17 Dec 1899Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I358
15 Darby, Emily  Abt 1869Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I573
16 Darby, Thomas  Abt 1823Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I566
17 Darby, William  26 Apr 1824Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I552
18 Gibson, Elizabeth Mountney  Mar 1859Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I631
19 Gibson, Samuel  Abt 1820Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I277
20 Gibson, William Mountney  Abt 1866Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I627
21 Mitchell, Arthur  1880Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I247
22 Mountney, Eliza  1837Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I705
23 Whitworth, Annie  Dec 1881Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I93
24 Whitworth, Barbara Ellen  13 Feb 1894Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I396
25 Whitworth, Elizabeth Ann  1879Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I402
26 Whitworth, Florence Gwendoline Mary  25 Nov 1904Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I399
27 Whitworth, Frank  5 Oct 1906Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I400
28 Whitworth, Frederick Horace  1901Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I398
29 Whitworth, James Langham  1897Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I397
30 Whitworth, Richard  7 Dec 1886Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I92
31 Whitworth, Samual  21 Dec 1884Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I403


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Whitworth, Edward  5 Nov 1786Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I221
2 Whitworth, John  5 Jan 1845Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I89
3 Whitworth, Richard  21 Jun 1891Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I92


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Whitworth, Edward  27 Apr 1860Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I221
2 Whitworth, Elizabeth Ann  20 Dec 1879Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I402
3 Whitworth, John  Jul 1917Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I89
4 Whitworth, Robert  7 Dec 1935Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I149
5 Whitworth, Samual  2 Mar 1885Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I403


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Whitworth, Charles Robert  30 May 1942Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I722

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Whitworth, William  7 Apr 1867Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I155


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ann  1841Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I625
2 Bowley, James  1851Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I690
3 Darby, Elizabeth  1861Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I571
4 Darby, Eva  1861Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I570
5 Darby, Maria  1851Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I567
6 Darby, Sarah Ann  1851Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I148
7 Darby, Sarah Ann  1861Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I148
8 Darby, Sarah Ann  1881Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I148
9 Darby, Thomas  1841Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I566
10 Darby, Thomas  1861Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I572
11 Darby, Thomas  1881Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I566
12 Darby, William  1841Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I552
13 Darby, William  1851Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I552
14 Darby, William  1851Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I552
15 Darby, William  1861Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I552
16 Draper, Elizabeth  1851Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I553
17 Draper, Elizabeth  1861Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I553
18 Gibson, Elizabeth Mountney  1861Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I631
19 Gibson, Elizabeth Mountney  1881Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I631
20 Gibson, Samuel  1881Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I277
21 Gibson, Samuel Mountney  1881Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I629
22 Gibson, William Mountney  1881Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I627
23 Gibson Mounteney, Kate  1881Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I161
24 Mounteny, Hannah  1841Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I550
25 Mounteny, Hannah  1841Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I550
26 Mounteny, Hannah  1841Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I550
27 Mounteny, Hannah  1861Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I550
28 Mounteny, Hannah  1881Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I550
29 Mounteny, Hannah  1881Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I550
30 Mountney, Eliza  1841Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I705
31 Mountney, Eliza  1851Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I705
32 Mountney, Eliza  1851Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I705
33 Mountney, Joseph  1841Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I706
34 Mountney, Joseph  1851Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I706
35 Mountney, Mary Ann Gibson  1861Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I630
36 Mountney, Thomas Henry Gibson  1881Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I628
37 Wardle, Emma  1841Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I96
38 Wardle, Emma  1861Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I96
39 Whitworth, Elizabeth  1861Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I215
40 Whitworth, Elizabeth  1881Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I150
41 Whitworth, Florence  1881Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I151
42 Whitworth, James  1861Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I101
43 Whitworth, James  1881Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I101
44 Whitworth, James  1881Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I154
45 Whitworth, John  1861Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I89
46 Whitworth, John  1881Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I89
47 Whitworth, Robert  1881Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I149
48 Whitworth, William  1841Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I95
49 Whitworth, William  1861Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I95
50 Whitworth, William  1881Sheepshed, Leicestershire, England I155